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Climbing Trees

Drawing Self Portraits


Welcome to the Stretch admissions process and thank you for your interest in our program. We are excited for you to learn more about our community and our approach to these magical years in your child’s life.

Here at Stretch we take a unique and intentional approach to learning with your child and nurturing their love of exploration and discovery. We feel a true responsibility to create a safe, loving, and creative space that honors the wonder and magic that illuminates these early years. Our mission is to give children a sense of timelessness as they experiment, explore, and play, being careful not to rush them as their learning unfolds.
Our mission is to give children a sense of timelessness as they explore, experiment, and play.
We strive to cultivate children's love of learning and hold them as competent and capable investigators in their own knowledge. We believe it is every child's right to connect with nature, and we are unique in our integration of nature into the program. Our educators honor and cultivate a deep connection between children and the natural world.

Our goal is to have children graduate from Stretch with a toolbox of skills and values and be caring, confident, and curious explorers in the world that surrounds them. We welcome you to explore our website, attend a tour, and learn more about our work with young children. We seek families with shared values and invite you to apply if you think that your family and child would be a good fit in our community.

Stretch is a magical
and special place for children. -Stretch Parent

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