We encourage adults
to explore with their
child and discover
alongside them.

Toddler Exploration Program

Our toddler program is for children age 18-24 months. This class meets for 1 or 1.5 hours once a week and a caregiver must be in attendance with the child. The class is founded on our vision of offering caregivers and toddlers new and interesting materials and enticing invitations to explore and discover. We encourage the adults to explore with their child and discover alongside them. This program is separate from our preschool program and open to all families. Siblings of current preschool children have priority to join this class. If you join us for the toddler program you are welcome to apply for our preschool program but not guaranteed acceptance into the preschool based on attending the toddler class.

The year is divided into 2 sessions. Parents enrolled in session 1 have priority to continue into session 2. If openings come available we will enroll new students into session 2.
Session 2 dates will be posted soon.

2016 – 2017 School Year
Session 1 Tuesday Coyote Pups in Nature
Sept 13, 2016 – Dec 13, 2016
No class 10/11 and 11/29
Thursday Toddler Exploration at Stretch
Sept 15, 2016 – Dec 15, 2016
No class 11/3, 11/24
Session 2 Tuesday: January 10th, 2017 – May 30th, 2017
No class on February 21st, April 18th and May 9th
Thursday: January 12th, 2017- June 1st, 2017
No class on February 23rd & April 20th
— Parent