Kindergarten Placement

When applying to Kindergarten in the Bay Area, there are many options- from public, to charter, to parochial to the many independent schools around the Bay. Stretch provides a variety of support opportunities for parents that start the spring before your child is eligible to start the application process.


The director meets individually with applicant parents during the process and is also available throughout the process for questions and support. We advocate for all of our students and help guide parents to understand information about their child in order to make the best choice for each individual child in selecting the next step in their education. In this way we strive to help families in choosing a school that is the best fit for their family values and their child’s needs.

Kindergarten Placement

Schools Stretch Students Have Been Accepted to for Kindergarten

Adda Clevenger

Alt School

Alta Vista

Cathedral School for Boys

Children’s Day School

Convent of the Sacred

Creative Arts Charter

French American
International School


German International

Katherine Delmar
Burke’s School

Keys School

Live Oak

Marin Country Day School

Marin Preparatory School

Marin Primary and Middle School

Mt. Tam School

Notre Dame des Victoires

Presidio Hill School

St. Brigid

Saint Cecelia’s

Saint Hilary’s

Saint Patrick’s

Saint Vincent de Paul

San Domenico

San Francisco Day School

San Francisco Friends School

San Francisco Schoolhouse

Stuart Hall for Boys

Town School for Boys

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