Is Stretch a day care?


Stretch the Imagination is a half-day preschool program with classes lasting 3 or 4 hours in length. We have morning classes for children age 2-4 and afternoon programs for our oldest students age 4-5.9. We do not have early care or after care at our program.

We do have our Explorers program that is offered to children age 4-5.9 years. This program is an additional cost and children attend a morning class run by Stretch teachers. The program does not meet at the school. It is a cultural study of the city where children navigate the city by public transportation. The Stretch teachers deliver the children back to school for their afternoon class. This program is very small, averaging 6 children to 2 teachers. Explorers is offered 3 days a week and allows for families to have a full day program on these days.


What is the age cut off for applying?

A child must be 2 years by August 31st of the year they will start preschool.

What is the application fee?

The application fee is $50 to apply to Stretch.

What is the age range of children attending stretch?

Stretch is a preschool program that serves children from age 2 years until they graduate and continue on to kindergarten. We do have a TK program for our oldest children who turn 5 in the summer or fall of their final year in preschool.

Stretch also offers a toddler exploration program for children age 18-24 months. The toddler program meets 1 day/week, for 1 hour or 1.5 hours and a care giver must be present at all times during the class.

Are siblings guaranteed a spot at Stretch?

inline-image-3We do not guarantee siblings a spot but they do have first priority for joining the Stretch program. Unless there is a particular reason why Stretch would not be a good fit for the sibling they will be offered a spot. We offer sibling acceptance letters in January of each year so that we know how many spots are available for new families in March.  If a family chooses to leave Stretch and move their first child to another preschool then siblings are no longer given priority.

What is the typical class size and teacher ratio?

All of our classes are small in size. Classes range from 12-14 children. There are 3 teachers in our youngest 2s  & 3s programs that meet for 2 or 3 days/week. There are 2 teachers in our older classes.

Can parents volunteer in the classroom?

Parents are welcome at any time to visit Stretch and spend a morning with their children. We are a school that approaches parents as partners in this journey through early childhood with their child. We offer many opportunities for parents to join us both in our Natural Classroom Program in the Presidio and in our classrooms at the school.

How do I know Stretch is a good fit for my child?

inline-image-5Here at Stretch, we believe strongly in meeting each child where they are in their development. Children meet milestones at different times and learn differently. Our goal is to form a deep understanding and relationship of trust with you and your child. From this foundation we will work together to best support your child as they grow and learn during these early years.

We believe strongly in honoring this magical time in a child’s life and protecting the wonder and curiosity that is innate in young children. Our small class size allows teachers to work in many settings including group work, small group work, and individual child-teacher experiences. Our goal is to cultivate a love of learning and encourage the development of a strong sense of self-confidence and agency. Children and adults alike come to understand that they are seen, heard and listened to with intention. This invokes a strong community and deep connection within our students, families, and educators.

What type of teachers do you hire at Stretch?

inline-image-6The Stretch educators come from a variety of experiences and backgrounds. They are phenomenally dedicated and intentional in their work as well as loving and nurturing in their ways. We are dedicated to finding professional educators who have chosen this field as a career. All of our educators have an undergraduate in early childhood or a related field and many of our teachers hold or are completing a master’s degree in early childhood or a related field. We also strive to hire life long learners just as we hope to instill this value in children. We support our educators in many different ways to continue their education and pursue professional development and course work to expand their knowledge.


Should I have recommendation letters sent in with
my application?

Stretch does not require any recommendation letters for your child. If you do know someone in our community, they are welcome to write a letter on your behalf and we will attach it to your child’s application. We also welcome any letters from specialists your child might see such as speech therapists or behavioral therapists. This helps us to understand how best to support your child.

Can I get a refund if I move or need to drop out of
the program early?

There are no refunds for missed classes and once tuition is received it is non-refundable. When a child is offered a spot at Stretch there is a $2000 deposit due upon accepting the spot. This deposit is non-refundable. There is also a tuition schedule that parents are presented with when they receive their acceptance offer. Tuition is spread out into 10-month payments.

— Parent